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Evolution Chips - The ECU Remapping Specialists

We Are The Fuel Economy Remapping Experts.

Do you operate a single vehicle or a fleet? Are you sick of fuel costs driving your profits down? If the answer to these questions is yes, Evolution Chips can help you...

It is a fact of life that all businesses are driven by costs, and where fuel is concerned, that cost is being increased by the week. Well remapping your Turbo Diesel powered vehicle can substantially improve that particular cost by improving your MPG and we give you a money back guarantee it will do just that.

A number of forward thinking business owners have taken advantage of our remapping skills to drive their fuel costs down by up to 20%, vastly improving both their profitability and their ability to price competitively in their market place. Companies like Couriers and Taxi firms are benefitting highly, but of course a reps car or delivery van will likely do just as many miles, yet be overlooked as such a large overhead in most companies.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you own or business you run, we guarantee that your business will be more profitable within days of using our services, or your money back.


Example Fuel Economy Improvements And Financial Savings:

Number of Diesel vehicles. Miles Covered Per Year. Current MPG of Vehicle. Fuel Cost per Gallon
Standard Fuel cost over that distance Remapped Fuel cost over that distance** £ saving per annum
1 25'000 40 £6.49 £4056.25 £3380.18 £676.07
5 125'000 40 £6.49 £20'281.25 £16'900.99 £3380.26
10 250'000 40 £6.49 £40'562.50 £33'802.06 £6760.44
20 500'000 40 £6.49 £81'125.00 £67'604.12 £13520.88
40 1000'000 40 £6.49 £162'250.00 £135'208.31 £27041.69

** This figure is calculated using the 20% MPG improvement that we hope may be achieved. to work out more conservatively you can use 10% and simply halve the savings listed. However, its rare we get a report of only 10% saving.

Please remember, if you need a number of vehicles working on, our authorised installers can take readings from as many vehicles as needed all at once and then reprogram them at a later date in order to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

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