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Better Diesel Fuel Economy and Better MPG is Guaranteed with an Evolution Chips OBD Remap.

In the current financial climate, more and more people are turning to the super efficient turbo diesel engines to give them better fuel economy and to enjoy the low cost reliable motoring that their lifestyles demand. Sadly, this means that they may have taken a drop in power from what they are used to, but thankfully there is a simple solution that provides better fuel economy (better mpg) and better performance - an Evolution chips OBD remap.

It is reassuring to know that an Evolution chip or OBD remap from Evolution Chips will not only release more power and torque from your engine, it will also provide better fuel economy (better mpg) when coupled to the same driving style used before remapping took place. We give you our word, and our money back guarantee on it.

Why not take a look at our fuel savings calculator to see how much fuel you can save, and how fast the Evolution Chip or OBD remap will pay for itself whilst you enjoy the extra power too. Better Fuel economy need not cost more money in the long run.

With our large network of installers Europe wide, our lifetime warranty on our products and our 7 day no quibble money back guarantee, it has never been easier or safer to get better fuel economy (better mpg) by equipping your car with an Evolution Chip. Click Here To See What We Can Do For Your vehicle

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